Dynamic- Emotional Therapy




Live a life out of your full potential.

Do you want to get rid of smoking?

Do you want to free yourself from a phobia?

Do you want to free yourself from negative emotions and blockages?

Then you have come to the right place.

"A subconscious path into the past"

"Hypnotherapy is archeology in the subconscious"

Online hypnotherapy and coaching

Dynamic Emotional Therapy


Do you want to live a free life, with self-respect, inner security and a feeling that you can handle all external circumstances? Maybe you feel that you have a "voice" in your head, which many call the ego, which criticizes and demorlaizes you. It is most often because of emotions that have not been allowed to come out. With this therapy, which has similarities to hypnotherapy, we dissolve these emotions and blockages so that you can live a more self-determend life.

NLP & Coaching


NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP consists of lots of different processes and methods, all of which have a purpose in modeling success. This means that NLP is based on modeling successful people and then teaching others their strategies. The effect is that others can use NLP to achieve the same successful results. In combination with coaching or hypnotherapy, the way I work, it is incredibly powerful.



Hypnotherapy is actually a mental relaxation, where a bodily relaxation also occurs. In this relaxation you are fully aware and not in any way asleep. At the same time, it is much easier for you to evoke memories and feelings from, for example, childhood. Do you want to quit smoking, avoid a phobia? Do you want to deal with trauma, stress, fears? then this therapy is perfect for you.



EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a form of acupressure. It is used to resolve emotional blockages. This is a technique that begins to dissolve the emotional state from the first tap. It does not take as long as some hypnotherapy sessions. You can use it on anything, such as stress, getting rid of your craving for sweets, fears and anger. It also helps with PTSD.


Helping 10,000 people to live a more self-determined life. Free from emotional stress. Where an inner security and self-respect rules.

Helping 1000 companies to have a happier corporate culture. Companies that value the joy, energy and impact of the employee as much as the budget.

Thought Leader. Educate more people in personal development, and my model of emotional energy. Feel free to book an online lecture or a webinar with me.

Create a world where good communication are the key to a thriving society. Helping people to love themselves and live a holistically richer life.


Online Session


Emotional Therapy

The most powerful method I use is hypnotherapy and dynamic emotional therapy. For some problems, one session is usually enough. But the recommendation is to book two. 

The time for a session varies from 70-120 minutes.


180Euro/online session (70-120 min)

Level up:

4 sessions hypnotherapy  600Euro

Online Session

NLP Coaching


Sometimes you just want to move on and work on your goals and plan your next steps. In such cases, I recommend a session with NLP Coaching where we focus on the current situation, the desired situation, obstacles and resources and how you can reach your goal. I use EFT, for example, if you want to quickly release negative emotions.


140Euro/online session (60 min)

Level up:

4 sessions

NLP coachning 500Euro

Business Training

NLP Training

Feel free to contact me regarding my various lectures and trainings:

- Inspiration lecture

- Company training

- Group hypnotherapy / relaxation

- NLP, coaching courses

- Kickoff package, adapted to help your company with a fresh start and new thinking to set goals and strategies and motivation.

NLP & Hypnosis online Boot Camp

2 days for groups of 6+



Find Your Inner Strength, Self-Respect and Create your own Life